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Plastic Beach

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The new Gorillaz album hit UK stores (and elsewhere) today. After much deliberation I went for the iTunes Deluxe Edition so I could get the two extra and exclusive tracks. It's a different direction from their previous albums, but that's what makes it so good. You never really know what you're going to get with Gorillaz. I find their songs take a while to grow on me, but here's what I like on first listening:
  • Stylo (had the single beforehand)
  • Superfast Jellyfish
  • On Melancholy Hill
Has anyone else picked it up? What do you think? You can hear some of the songs on their YouTube channel. Be sure to check out their online adventure game too.
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  • Yeah that album is very good. It's not my usual type of music, but still I listen to "Plastic Beach" over and over. Especially "Some Kind of Nature". Lou Reed, damnit!
  • I really love it :)
    Only song that doesn't really fit on the album is the Snoop Dogg one...
  • It's out TODAY? I heard the preview on Guardian, it was... much more hip hop based than I'd heard from them, less groovy than I was hoping for. Certainly going to buy it and let it digest, there were a few fun songs that stood out but it felt like I was listening to a friend's Pandora station... wasn't what I was expecting or hoping for yet.
    I am probably 100% wrong and a week away from uttering my apologies to the Cartoon Band gods.
  • I'm gonna download it tomorrow and give it a few listens. At first I didn't like the single, but I think it's a grower. Sounds like the whole albums gonna be a bit of a grower to be honest (which I appreciate).
  • This isn't meant to sound snarky, but I didn't really realise Gorillaz had a following anymore :o
  • I'm surprised with the ferocity that people are taking this new album, as I thought they were more of an acquired taste, but danceable music speaks for itself. I was quite excited to hear of a new release, good music + fun premise!
  • I liked bits of it, the hip-hop songs are a little jarring to me, as I like hearing the mix of gorillaz vocals and interludes of freestyling.

    However there are songs on the album I enjoy immensely and think there's a solid wonderful evolution happening with the creators.

    I also really enjoyed the music video for Stylo, I thought the style was quite nice, even if the premise was simple.
  • So is anyone else playing the game? I'm stuck on trying to get the pelican to spit up the "spanner". In exchange, I'm finished with the wall of captains, if anyone needs any help.
  • I'm actually quite disappointed by the album, it came out of nowhere and feels flat in most tracks, of course after the amazing Demon Days it was going to be a hard task to live up to, what I find more annoying is that the song I like the most, Pirate Jet, is the last song on the album and is just too damn short!
  • I'm a massive hip-hop fan. So don't think much of the comments about how plastic beach has become 'too hip hop'. Demon Days had many very obvious hip hop leanings, but they were placed among damned creative backgrounds. Plastic Beach still has all those influences, but seems to have stripped away a lot of the layers present in the previous two albums. I don't really think they've gained anything by doing this.
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