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ToMI multiple issues on Mac

posted by deviacium on - last edited - Viewed by 182 users
So... here it goes:

[Command+H] - game freezes and you have nothing left but reboot... LOSING EVERYTHING UNSAVED LEFT IN THE BACKGROUND, SHIVER ME TIMBERS!...

[Navigation/Walking is impossible using the touchpad] - yep, you better not try that - nerve cells regenerate too slow... Good thing i discovered by accident - you can walk with arrow-keys...

[Clicking at the edge of the screen] - mac native mouse pointer appears.. and you are left to play with game cursor+mac cursor until you restart... not that much trouble, yet freakin' annoying...

No minimize/hide game... =(
No antialiasing... =(

command+h - traditionally hides application, though it doesn't work as expected in ToMI, still you can use command+f to switch it to window mode and so access other applications...
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