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Thanks for ordering Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, and welcome to the private pre-orderers discussion forum!

This is the exclusive location to chat with the team behind the latest Sam & Max season, and amass all kinds of secret knowledge related to the upcoming games, so that you can lord it over your less-informed friends. Join us!
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  • Might as well say hi here - preordered the day it was announced.

    I'm not going to buy an iPad to get the game early tho - I already have four mobile (Linux) devices capable of running the bleeding game and I don't need another one :P

    Totally skewed my dictionary definition of a 'preorder' :P
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Ender2;282007 said:

    Totally skewed my dictionary definition of a 'preorder' :P
    Wikipedia, "preorder" formal definition said:

    Consider some set P and a binary relation ≤ on P. Then ≤ is a preorder, or quasiorder, if it is reflexive and transitive, i.e., for all a, b and c in P, we have that:

    a ≤ a (reflexivity)
    if a ≤ b and b ≤ c then a ≤ c (transitivity)
    I agree, now I'm thoroughly confused! What is this about a game??
  • puzzlebox;282010 said:
    I agree, now I'm thoroughly confused! What is this about a game??
    Well, some of the posts were certainly 'reflexive'.

    'All puzzles in TellTale games are NP-complete. Discuss.'
  • I pre-ordered a few days ago, so, hi everyone :)

    Really looking forward to the new season of Sam & Max and it was great to get free shipping for my Tales of Monkey Island DVD.
  • So... Anything exciting on the horizon before the 15th of April?
  • Well I might finish little Sam but then. But don't hold your breath, I still haven't figured out how to do his ears.
  • Silverwolfpet;281511 said:
    Whew! I had to sell my brother to the tin-pots-factory TWICE to get enough money, but finally I pre-ordered the game! Woohoo! Plus, my bro has learned the way home from outside of town :D It's a win-win situation.

    EDIT: Wait a minute... where is the "Q&A with Majus and Suro" thread?
    Postponed. Just like the 3-D Tales of Monkey Island. ::p
  • Phew! Sorry i'm late, I didn't check my e-mail! Did I miss anythin important?
  • Just Avistew's awesome fan pluche's, some quirky fan art, lot's of random comments and some people asking if they missed anything important.
  • How often are discount given out? Want to get season 2.
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