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What are your favourite Telltale games?

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When I try to order the Deluxe edition of the Tales DVD, I get 35 dollars of shipping costs pasted on top of it. However, if I spend those 35 dollars on games instead, I pay no shipping. So my question to you is: which Telltale games (apart from Tales, of course) can you really recommend to me?
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  • Well, the only other season I've played is Sam & Max Season 1 and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd recommend getting it because if you want to get into Sam & Max, it'd be a good place to start (as it is the beginning :p). Perhaps I'm not the best one to comment though, as I haven't played as many of Telltales games as others.
  • Well, I would probably pre-order Sam and Max:The Devil's Playhouse. I don't really think its gonna matter if you haven't played the first 2 seasons.
  • They actually say they made it so people don't have to play the previous two seasons.

    Of course you might want to also play the previous ones at some point, but if you preorder you get some preorder related benefits.
  • I'd grab Sam and Max: Season One, with some reservations. For example, you'll have to realize it's their first episodic release. Episodes 1-3 do show growing pains. They're still great adventures, just obviously their first go at it. Really hits its stride in episodes 4-6 though, and really becomes something excellent.

    If you want something more polished, though(for example, I'm pretty sure Season One doesn't support widescreen properly, it just stretches the image), you can get The Devil's Playhouse.

    Devil's Playhouse has the benefits of being new, of coming with a free game from any other series, and it comes with a chance to win a Penal Zone poster. Penal Zone poster sucks. Don't order this. You don't want a chance to win an awesome poster. In fact, nobody but me and at most 9 other people should pre-order The Devil's Playhouse.

    ....seriously, though. Devil's Playhouse will come with a notebook that explains Sam and Max's past adventures, but that's really nothing compared to SEEING it. Like any series, you just will get more out of it if you've been there the whole time, no matter what the developers say about the matter.

    You could also take the piecemeal approach, and buy the first episodes of Sam and Max, Strong Bad, and Wallace and Gromit, bringing your order total up and sampling all of them to maybe use the Season Upgrade feature later.

    My honest suggestion is Season One of Sam and Max. It was one of my favorite games of its respective year, warts and all. It's funny, it has great puzzles, and the music is top-notch.
  • If you're wiling to spend more, you could preorder the Devil's Playhouse, which gives you a free episode. Then you'll be able to use that free episode for, say, episode 1 of Sam&Max 1, and upgrade the season for cheaper.
    But that would have to be a different order so you'd pay shipping.
  • And if you've never played Sam & Max before, you can sample a whole episode for free -- Abe Lincoln Must Die! (episode 4 of Season 1) is 100% free to download and play.
  • Wapcaplet;270589 said:
    And if you've never played Sam & Max before, you can sample a whole episode for free -- Abe Lincoln Must Die! (episode 4 of Season 1) is 100% free to download and play.
    Thanks for the tip! I downloaded it and played it for about two hours, but I don't really like it (except Max, he's hilarious). I'm thinking of getting the art portfolio and the button set to get it up to 50 dollars instead.
  • ya two of them from your list which you have give in your page.I prefer them mostly.
  • None, all the other Telltale games are bad, get yourself some great MI merch!
  • thin029;274568 said:
    None, all the other Telltale games are bad.
    But then why are you here? I mean, I'm all for diversity of opinion, but if you hate their games...I don't see a reason to be hanging out on their official forums.
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