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Tales of Monkey Island: Thoughts

posted by Draelan on - Viewed by 85 users
Hello! I just wanted to express my personal thoughts on this series from TellTale Games, which I just recently had the chance to finish. I applaud you on how accessible the story was. As someone who is new to the series, I had no trouble jumping in and following along. The story was fun and engaging, and I found myself drawn completely into it. (To the point where, when I realized I was out of Wii Points to download the next episode, I rushed out the next morning to buy a new points card.) The gameplay was done well, and the puzzles were well done. Overall, it was another fantastic series.

I must, however, make a complaint... Not about the story, the characters, the gameplay, or the puzzles... but about the technical difficulties I experienced. Numerous times throughout the chapters I experienced game lock-ups, at least two of which occurred during the auto-save feature. After having played through the Sam & Max series, and the Strong Bad series, I was surprised and disappointed that these episodes seemed so buggy in this regard.
I also had to restart from a previous save to re-watch the scene in episode 5 where zombie-Guybrush first returns to LeChuck's ship after finding the spirit gum. The reason I needed to restart? Guybrush's model didn't load. Well... his hook hand did. And it was admittingly hilarious to see the scene play out with a disembodied hook. However, the fact that it took a couple restarts before the model loaded correctly was frustrating.

In the end, it was a good series, despite its technical difficulties. I look forward to your future projects. :)
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