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Buying two Deluxe Editions not possible

posted by Goggen on - last edited - Viewed by 221 users
I bought two sets of Tales of Monkey Island season cards, one as a gift, both registered to my account so I can combine shipping. International shipping ain't cheap, y'know.
Now that the season is out on DVD, I want to buy two sets of Deluxe Editions for combined shipping (and S&M Season 3 to get *free* shipping, so I guess international shipping can be cheap).
The problem is that the store won't register a second Deluxe Edition, nor does it allow me to change the number of Deluxe Editions in the shopping cart. It *seems* to allow me to have one Deluxe Edition and one regular edition, but I'd really prefer two Deluxes if that is possible.
Any way of making that happen?

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  • I have a similar question. I can order the Deluxe Edition for $14.95 and I can also add the regular edition to my cart for $0. So can I get the second DVD for free or it an error in the store? I assuming Telltale just wants us to order one or the other. But, I need some clarity before I order. I don’t want to order both of them and then find an extra $14.95 or $34.95 surprise when I get my Visa bill. And more importantly, I want the issue resolved before the free shipping offer expires.
  • Anybody from Telltale? I emailed them as well issue-28637 (sent March 16) and have not received a response.
  • It works now. Earlier it wouldn't allow me to update the number of Deluxes in my cart, but now it does.
    So, in thanks a $60 order!
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