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ToMI dvd preorder issue

posted by Meira on - last edited - Viewed by 176 users
I'm moving soon, so I tried to place my new address into the system to have it mailed there. I was given an error that said the order couldn't be processed because my address didn't match the one on my card. I tried going to the bank's site to update my info THERE and for some reason that wouldn't work out. Because of that I changed my mind about ordering for now. Then when I looked at the bank site again TODAY it said Telltale had charged me the shipping BUT here on telltale's site it's still got the free dvd sitting available in my cart. Does this mean the order went through as asked after all, or did I get charged for nothing?
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  • Hi Meira,
    I don't see an order or charges that were applied. Often times when the billing address does not match the bank, the attempts to purchase will be rejected. The rejected attempt will create a line item on your statement but look at it carefully as there should be no charge. I would double check with your bank to confirm charges. They should be able to confirm in 3-5 business days that there were in fact no charges made.

    This happens a lot. Just make sure the billing address matches the bank, you have an opportunity to list the shipping address as different and that won't affect any of the billing issues.

  • Ah, I see. It's still considered a pending charge instead of one that's been finished. That might be why it's not showing up on Telltale's end. Should it be safe for me to restart the process without being recharged since I've got the address working now in that case? Well, I'll try it out. If things don't change accordingly I'll get back to you guys or contact my bank.

    EDIT: I tried doing another order and the first one's still there. My account's now overdrawn and I've filed a question about it with my bank. Let's see if that works.
  • Should work. Give the bank a couple of days to get that out of pending. The free shipping is good for another 14 or 15 days so we have some time to figure this out.

    Let me know if you need further help.

  • Bank says they're investigating my claim, so hopefully that means things are working out as needed and they didn't misunderstand me. Anyway, thank you very much for the help bonnie!

    EDIT: Bank finally finished checking the charge and canceled it. Now I just gotta fight the bank for the 10 bucks they shouldn't have taken from me. Thanks again bonnie.
  • I feel for you, I hate dealing with banks and the phone company. The worst!

    If you need any receipts or anything else from us, just let me know. $10 is $10, I'd fight them for every penny.

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