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Q&A With the Design Team

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Hello, honorary Freelance Police! Thanks for pre-ordering the game.

I'm Chuck Jordan, designer and writer of "The Penal Zone", the first episode of "The Devil's Playhouse." I'm also the guy responsible for making sure all the season's stories fit together in some semblance of order.

This thread is for your questions about the new season, as well as "Beyond Time and Space" and "Save the World," and general Sam & Max design-type stuff. I'll be starting out, and as we go on I'll try to rope in the other designers: Mike Stemmle, Andy Hartzell, Joe Pinney, and Dave Grossman.

I'll be answering your questions whenever I've got the time & know-how, with a super-bonus semi-live Q&A today (Monday Mar 15) from 2-3 PM.

So ask away!
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  • Dear Mr. Chuck,
    What is everyone's favorite puzzle/segment from the past seasons? Maybe there could also be a tease about their favorite puzzle from The Penal Zone?

    Thank you kindly,
    Mr. Huggernaut
  • Hi Chuck,

    In previous seasons of Sam and Max, the Street has featured as a sort of hub linking together the game's many varied locations. With the new series seemingly venturing away from our world and out into space, is the Street going to be left behind? And, if not, in what ways has it changed/expanded since the last season?

  • Woo! And so it begins!

    A couple of questions:

    1) I know Telltale considers the comic as the main inspiration of their games, and the new game seems to take the comic roots to a whole new level. Is there any comic (or, of course, cartoon episode or (cancelled) game) in particular that serves as a main inspiration for any of the episodes? Anything that you feel wasn't really present (or even possible) in Telltale's previous episodes?

    2) Max's new powers bring a whole new dynamic to the game, making the gameplay feel all fresh. It reminds me a bit of Loom. Was that an inspiration behind the choice to do it this way (or if it wasn't, what was?)? Will we see more weird new gameplay choices in future Telltale titles (which I'm very much in favor of!)?

    3) Season 2 very directly adressed some of the biggest issues people had with the first season. What are the biggest differences this time? What is it that this game does better than Season 2 (or Season 1)?

    4) Where does Max keep his gun?
  • What does the role of "designer" actually cover? How much do they collaborate on what actually gets into the episode with programmers, graphics artists, et cetera?
  • My only Question, how many forms did Sal go through before Cockroach.
  • By any chance, the doors of DeSoto DO work?
  • Is that Narrator dude with the rose and spiffy accent really the devil returning in another form or is The Devil's Playhouse just a catchy title.
  • Will this season be like the previous sam & max seasons, with seemingly separate cases, being linked together in the end, or will it be more like ToMI, where one episode starts where the one before it left off?

  • I have two questions.

    1. When planning season 3, did you use TomI kind of like a stepping stone to see what you could do with season 3?

    2. How much more demanding on PC's will this be compared to Monkey Island?
  • I have a question, are you planning a season 4?
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