S and M run problems/solutions (Attn:Telltale!!)

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My system is Quite low end and the game is OK with it generally:
I have a P3 1Gig with 384KB mem, and a Nvidia Geforce 128MB AGP 2X 6200 G-card.
The processor is at 100%, even so the game loads and plays very well,
Untill the problem creeps in:
While playing, the game looks fine for 2 areas (1 new area load). This is true after loading a save game too, if done 'first thing'. But once entering a 3rd area, I get the bad graphics glitches and slowdown as others have mentioned, but NO crashes. Note:the savegame picture may be blank or wrong when the glitches start.
I have plenty of pictures of the carnage, if you want them (you could say it adds a whole new 'dimension' to the game)!!. Object label cursor text can be warped(menus too), lines can point to the center of the screen, and objects can have black areas in the bit-maps;world geometry can go all 'Alice in wonderland', BUT I can still play it-even with the camera stuck behind a 'wall' of a warped object. If you are in a 'clean' area (Street) then go into Sybil's it is messed up-go back to street it is corrupted more subtly, 1 object can be messed up (Mailbox,Van, one way sign,store door) Sam and Max can look 'dirty' with black splotches on them,or the sidewalk. The effects seem repeatable (same objects, same sections affected every time) and seems to get worse and worse (text garbled/warped into a bowtie,even upsidedown!)
This effect does NOT seem to be related to system memory (I tested from 128K to 384K with NO change) it seems a swapfile problem-task manager says it just keeps going up (it got up to 1 Gb!!!) Memory management issue?
It will mess up the same at any resolution/detail selected.
Closed the game results in the memory being freed, but it can take almost 2 minutes to do this, HD thrashing al the while.
Since my system does NOT crash on this, My hand is up to test the patch for the problem, contact me.

FIXES-Temp workaround:
1: play in windowed mode only, then....
2: when it corrupts, change the resolution or the graphics quality to 'reset' the screen-this often will have to be done every screen after that!
(this can take 30 seconds of HD thrashing)
3:This is the easiest-JUST MOVE THE GAME WINDOW SLIGHTLY! Seriously!!!!
after a short delay(patience!) The screen will suddenly 'pop' normal again!!! This must do a 'refresh' operation through a windows XP function call?!

Computers that crash I think do so from the super-long glitch lines drawn in the graphics card's memory; perhaps a divide by zero or something...

I hope this helps, untill the problem is solved with a patch or something.
PS:sometimes there are TWO autosave sounds....
PPS:Will post a few pictures tomarrow!

Thanks for a great game!
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