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I get the Deluxe Version of ToMI discounted, wrong

posted by GinnyN on - last edited - Viewed by 333 users
I was planning to wait before post this, but since I'm having a creative block at my work...

This is just for the kicks and I don't really planning to buy anything right now, but when I try to add the Deluxe Edition to the Cart, it's said it will cost me $39.9 instead of $14.99 which is supposed to be the cost of the upgrade. I "brought" all the Episodes by separate. (With "brought" I mean: I pay for 2 of them, you gift me 3 out of cupons =P).

Ironically, it's making a discount, but it's discounting me the price of the upgrade and not the price of the game, which I already have. So, I don't get it.

I already say it, It's nothing I need now, but looks like a weird bug and it's happen just to me, soooo... I don't know.
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