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What's the name of this Season 2 song??

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Before I explain i have 2 questions for said song. Is it on the soundtrack and whats it's name?

Alright, this song plays in the Season 2 trailer but it's not the one where they chase the former president. I know that one's called freelance panic. I'm talking about the song that starts the trailer, that trumpet song.

It's also in the beggining of episode 201 when it says Telltale Presents...

I would really love to know the song name!! :o
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  • It's not a song per se -- as in something that's isolated as its own track -- but a motif that recurs throughout Season 2 in the cutscene music. It's easiest to notice in the opening cutscenes for all the episodes except (I think) What's New Beelzebub? I like to think of it as the "Sam & Max Chill before Some Crazy S**t Starts Hitting the Fan and the Adventure Starts" music. :O)

    You can find the motif and its variations (along with the rest of the cutscene music) on disc 2 of the Season 2 soundtrack as MP3s.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Yeah that's never a full track, but it appears in most of the cutscene suites.
  • Thanks for the info guys! :D I guess i'll buy the season 2 soundtrack when season 3 ends :rolleyes:
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