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sam and max to the moon

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it would be nice in one of the future episodes, sam and max took a trip to the moon or somewhere around the space? I think it would be so nice..... what do you think guys?
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    Sam & Max plunge through Space
    It was revealed that Justin Chin's company, Infinite Machine, was developing a console-exclusive action/adventure title starring Sam and Max during the middle months of 2001. In September the company confirmed it on their site and tossed up some tasty concept art by Steve Purcell, showing the dynamic duo exploring the far reaches of space. However, that was the last update made on Infinite Machine's official site. The following year we learned that the company had gone bankrupt following poor sales of its first release, New Legends...

    In a November 2005 interview with Steve Purcell that was held not long after Telltale Games acquired the Sam & Max rights, Purcell revealed a bit more about this title: It was actually based on a story I had written years before called Sam & Max Plunge Through Space. Sam & Max have to recover the stolen Statue of Liberty which they find parked in another galaxy and being used as a casino called Green Mama's. Then they are pulled into interplanetary intrigue with an evil despot and a mysterious hidden world where everyone resembles Max. We were breaking it down into an action/exploration/adventure game and I was pleased with where it was going.

    Purcell has said that he hopes to one day make the unused story into a comic.
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    They'd have to put the top up on the DeSoto. :D

    Smart aleck remark aside, that sounds like an awesome story! I really need to get to the used comic shop in town to see if they have any Sam&Max comics sometime...
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Good luck, Mel, they're nearly impossible to find! Always worth trying though!

    Also, for those interested, there's some never before seen concept art from the Sam & Max in space story in the Sketchbook, including a giant flying Max head spaceship (or maybe asteroid, I can't tell?), and Sam in some sort of Mad Max (the movie, not the lagomorph) -inspired gigantic thumb-wrestling battle-mech.
  • You know, I really don't think this "smnmx" thing is going to catch on. It sounds like someone blowing snot.
  • i heard about that game, and the idea of Sam and max not being an adventure game just seemed... wrong... to me.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Sam & Max could work outside the adventure genre. When I first played GTA3 the first thing that came to mind was that that gameplay style would work really well, possibly better, as a Sam & Max game instead of as a semi-serious mafia simulator.

    But yeah, they do also obviously fit really well within the confines of a graphic adventure game.
  • I never thought I'd see Sam n' Max compared to GTA hahahaha.... But that would be a great idea, wish I knew how to make GTA mods :P
  • To the moon Alice! Bang, Zoom!!
  • any excuse to bust out the paper bag space helmets!
  • one can only hope the series goes on long enough to allow for such an episode.
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