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what happend to guybrush crew?

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in chap 1 if you look at the hold he says he gathered a crew and you can here them down there what happend to them?
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  • After Guybrush boarded Lechuck's ship, Guybrush's ship drifted off to the exotic Limbo islands
  • Considering they were locked in there, ...they probably died, haha, I don't know why but I find that so funny, wish it was mentioned at the end of the game when everyone is all happy "by the way Guybrush, what happened to that Crew you sailed here with?" "...oh God"
  • Elaine and human LeChuck take over Guybrush's ship after Guybrush blows up Elaine's, so my guess is the crew either stays with the ship or gets dropped off somewhere.
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