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Is Bone Directors Cut a free upgrade?

posted by relativistic on - last edited - Viewed by 336 users
If I already own Bone I, do I have to pay to get the Directors cut, or is it a free upgrade? If its a free upgrade, how to I get it? I tried re-downloading it through my original Digital River download link, but the downloaded file seems to be the original version.

Since both Bone II and Sam and Max were excellent in my opinion, and Bone I was just so-so, I'm anxious to see what changes were made to improve things now that you guys have hit your stride.

Sorry if this has already been discussed, I couldn't seems to find any answers to this scanning other posts.
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  • Yes, you can upgrade for free. Instructions for doing so are here.

    It's almost guaranteed that you'll need to get an activation key from us, so don't worry about entering your order number and password. Just install, click "Activation Support" on the game's launcher screen, and email us the hardware fingerprint so we can send you a key. Include your order number or first/last name or the email address you used when we ordered so we can verify that you bought the game before.
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