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Problem with order [issue-28373]

posted by Blacklin on - last edited - Viewed by 273 users

I haven't received an answer to my support question [issue-28373]. When I preordered my Wallace & Gromit DVD I also ordered Stickleback and Further Grickle. However I didn't receive them with rest of the stuff when my order arrived.
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hey Blacklin, sorry you haven't received a response to your ticket, and that you didn't get the right items in your shipment.

    Stickleback and Further Grickle are no longer in stock; we'd be able to give you store credit for the money you spent on 'em, though. Let me know if that would work.
  • Can you return the money to my credit card? Or put them to my Paypal account ( I just preordered Sam&Max, so there is nothing for me to order for a while now.
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hey Blacklin, we're looking into it. We normally can't credit people whose orders are older than a specific cutoff time, but I'll let you know what I find out.
  • Almost two months have passed now. Have you found out anything? :confused:
  • I think I have been patient, but this is getting ridiculous. Can you at least give me store credit, if you can't return my money to my credit card?
  • Your paypal account has been credited back. I will send you more info in your support ticket.

  • Hello bonnie,

    thank you for your reply. I didn't receive an answer to my support ticket, so I don't know what you told me in it. The amount you sent to my paypal account is not enough. If you check values of the books I didn't receive in my earlier order, they total worth is US $17.52.

    I know I earlier asked for credit card credit, but instead of paypal, I would like to take store credit, if you please. I don't want to pay paypal processing fees. I was planning to buy puzzle agent and use the 50% discount that comes with it. I returned the paypal payment you made.

    Your answer was on my other email account. :) Still, Paypal only reported about US $4.38 payment, so it was quite confusing. If it isn't too much trouble, store credit is my preferred way to go. Thank you.
  • I received the payment through Paypal. Thank you.
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