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The Legendary General Art Thread

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Well, we've got a Sam & Max Fanart Thread, a Monkey Island Fanart Thread, so why not a thread for art in general? We've obviously got a lot of talented artists on the Telltale forum, and it would be a shame to just restrict them to showing us just their Sam & Max and Monkey Island art. So if you've got any awesome art that you're proud of and want to share with us, post it here! It doesn't have to be an art piece of games, it could be movie art, art inspired by books, inspired by songs, art of bands or musicians, or something completely random; it can be of anything - as it is a place for art in general. So yeah, share, show us what you've got!
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  • Does poetry count as art? I've been writing a lot of poems lately.
  • I will still post fan art in it... just not TTG related stuff
    Some of this stuff has been on official site... others not so much
    this was on SW.C

    I think I may have gone too overboard with this one and they didnt put it up.... recently they actually made a Star Wars Zombie novel... go figure

    this one is supposed to be Leia as a kid tagging along with her Dad.... and um... Dad (vader)

    any Drizzt fans out there?

    one day I tried figuring out how to make a 3D picture.... that is my cat... she posed really patiently with Darth Maul.

    Leisure suit larry art

    This one I did up in about 20 minutes after he won the Oscar... too bad we died and didnt get to accept it.
  • Well I got this this thing I posted in another thread from my blog, which has a Sam & Max cameo at the end, but other than that I don't think I have any "general" Telltale-related art.
  • This are... "covers" for my Webcomic (In Spanish only, sorry), but, in a way, they are inspired in diferent games ^^! First on Sam and Max, second on Rabbids go Home (Which I never play it, but I love the music)


    This ones are from those days I woke up and decided to do a image with just lines:


    And this is a somewhat old Fan Art of Super Paper Mario:
  • I want to live in your head Pecan... but not in a creepy kind of way.... I love your stuff especially the MI stuff you posted a while back
  • I love this idea. And GinnyN, I continue to love your art more and more.

    you're drawing style is awesome, I wish I had talent like yours, but I'd probably have to give up my beautiful singing voice for that.
  • Not Telltale-related, but still fanart like 90% of the stuff I make:


    Painted Super Sculpey, made for the Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver release this year. They were then used to make this, which I occasionally wear to work to baffle my colleagues.
  • Might as well show off my own "art"... which isn't fanart! (pic is a little crappy though)

  • I prolly made this last year


    I haven't had any good bad product ideas since. I almost did habenero chewing gum, but that prolly exists.

    so do tetris building blocks, unfortunately
  • Okay, so it seems like the idea is pretty popular. So should I create a completely new thread called "The Legendary General Art Thread", or should we just stick with this one and I'll change the info in the introductory post and ask a mod to change the title?

    ..and by general art, I do mean anything not related to Sam & Max or ToMI, but feel free to post your MI and S&M Fanart pieces in the general art thread if you want to give them a little extra promotion.
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