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Q&A With Ryan Jones, Artist

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Cruising past Ryan's desk, it's hard not to peer over his shoulder and see what he's working on- with his own unique style, he turns Telltale's dreams into visual inspiration, and sets the stage for how our games play out.

TODAY, that's Friday 3/26 from 3-4pm PST, we're gonna have him in here to do a Q&A and release some new concept art for you guys! Got any questions for him? The place is here, the time is now! Bring it on.
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  • Are we goinng to get a Q&A with Majus thread?
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    bubbledncr Telltale Alumni
    Shauntron wrote: »
    I would probably just admire it while standing on a small mountain of unconscious game developers.

    Also it's probably on, Jessica.

    I need to find my punching dagger....
  • I watched that video where you guys grew a pirate so I know there will not be any blunt weapons involved.
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    bubbledncr Telltale Alumni
    Irishmile wrote: »
    I watched that video where you guys grew a pirate so I know there will not be any blunt weapons involved.

    we grew a pirate??? awesome!!!
  • Warning! Most of my questions are not about Sam & Max.

    Are you, like the fans, seriously hoping for a Tales of Monkey Island Season 2?

    I sent you a PM a while back, but I guess you must have missed it. Anyway, in the PM I was just asking if you were responsible for that amazing piece of concept art of the Flotsam Docks which was featured in Nintendo World? If so, is there any chance you could post it somewhere on the forums or the site... please?

    Would you consider updating your blog more throughout this year? Or is it really difficult to find the time to do so?

    Everybody was so eager to see the inside of the Screaming Narwhal all throughout the ToMI season, but we were never allowed to enter. So now I am forever wondering, finding it hard to sleep at night due to not knowing what the ship's quarters and the ship's lower deck looks like. Perhaps you can bring some form of solace to my soul through showing us some concept art? Lest you have none, causing me to live my life feeling unfulfilled and empty :D. In short, do you have any concept art for the interior of the Screaming Narwhal?

    Have you had any practical jokes played upon you at the Telltale office? e.g. A piece of art being hidden from you for a week or so.

    What sort of music do you like?

    Who, in the Telltale office, is most like Max?
  • Who do you think is better at drawing Sam & Max, you or Steve?
  • Are you surprised at how popular your art has been among fans?

    Can you recommend any other awesome artists?

    Who came up with the Guybrush dance (see in The Highway's signature)?
  • Was doing concept art for "Reality 2.0" difficult because the game is visually very different from the other episodes?
    Do you have loads more sketches of alternate Bosco disguises?

    I'm pretty sure he didn't work on Season 1.
  • If you drew any fanart of Sam & Max before you worked at Telltale, can you show it to us?
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