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Stuck on the Seahorse Artifact

posted by dementedc on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
So I got to the two pirates at the jungle entrance on Spoon Island, and I eventually got them to go and bury the chest. Much later, I was completely stuck in the game trying to find the Seahorse Artifact, so I consulted the Telltale FAQ; turns out I was supposed to put the pyrite parrot into the chest while the pirates weren't looking, and then dig it up based on the sounds it made. Unfortunately, I didn't think to put the parrot in the chest, and they buried it many overwritten saves ago. What can I do? Am I gonna have to start the game over again, or is there some way around this problem that I'm not seeing?
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  • You can just talk to them and convince them to return the chest...
  • I'm having a problem with this one too... maybe a bug?
    I try to put the parrot in the chest when they turn around, but they just tell me to keep away from the cheast. Very annoying! I'm sure I'm doing the right thing :(
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