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Having problems launching telltale games due to autorun

posted by GroovySamurai on - last edited - Viewed by 490 users
Hey Guys,

This is my first time posting on the forums but I'm a massive Telltale Games fan (I've bought practically all of them!). Recently I've been having some problems though..

I'm running Windows 7 64bit and I've never had any problems playing any of my Telltale Games however I recently installed Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People from the DVD's I got in the mail but when I go into the application menu after installing the games and select the game I want to play I get the following error:

Autorun Maestro
You do not appear to have a suitable viewer (or version) able to open the file:

It really sucks because I really want to get into the games and I've done virus scans and lots of web searching to no avail.. Any help would be deeply appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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  • Hey Groovy,

    Could you try going to C:\Program Files (x86)\Telltale Games\Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People and loading the episodes directly from the individual executables?
  • Hi Will, thanks for the quick reply. When loading the games individually they work fine which is great because it means I can now play the game. But just out of curiosity is there a way to get the menus to work still?
  • I'm honestly not sure. I've got the same setup as you do, and for some reason it works for me, even though I've heard repeatedly that it wouldn't work in Win7.

    You could try updating your dvd drive's firmware. The guy who knows the most about this will be back in town tomorrow, so I can have him take a look at this thread.
  • That would be awesome Will - Your help is much appreciated!
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    The software we used for the autorun.exe on the disc wasn't made for Vista and 7, so it mostly doen't work except for rare conditions when it does. It has to do with the way the program reads the registry to see if the game is installed. The downside is that there isn't any way to fix this problem.

    The upside is that you don't need the autorun.exe to work. You can play the games just fine without it. You'll have to manually open the contents of the disc to run the setup.exe and view the other content, but otherwise you're not missing anything.
  • Hey Seg, thats fair enough! I'm happy enough to just run the episodes individually. Thanks alot for your help guys, very much appreciated!
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