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We are SO hiring!

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Haven't heard the news? Sheesh, we've only been saying it everywhere. If you've ever wanted to work for Telltale, now is the time, because we're hiring! A wealth of undiscovered joys await you in lovely Northern California, as you can share philosophical views on video games with your favorite Telltalers over lunch, or play Contra after hours in the meeting room.

You may even hear Mike Stemmle singing.

Think you got what it takes? Head over to our jobs site and show us whatcha got!

We are mainly looking for applicants within the U.S. but all resumes will be looked at.
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  • I like the company, the ideas, the concepts, and culture. I am an Industrial Engineering senior who might be free this upcoming summer ;).

    Industrial Engineers deal with maximizing efficiency;cutting waste; improving times; optimizing operations; etc. Pretty much, the only companies we cannot work at, are perfect ones.
  • Hey everyone. I've applied to the Cinematic Artist position. Sent in the art test and feeling pretty good about it! With Telltale expanding in the next few months I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I have good timing on this :) Major fan of Telltale, classic adventure games, and Walking Dead is my GotY.

    You can check out my site here:

    Hoping to hear back soon!
  • FutureGirl wrote: »
    i wish i knew how to audition to do voice work for telltale games

    Me too! It would be nice to do VA for their games :)
  • Is Telltale still looking for writers? I figure it can't hurt to apply. (Although I didn't see a Writer section on the jobs page...)

    I have released two novels, one of which was professionally published, so I guess you can say I have past experience.

    There was a writer position a few months ago. I was tempted to apply for it, but I don't have any published work outside of zines.

    Instead, my focus has been in production. Project management and the like. I applied for that assistant producer posting and am keeping my fingers crossed.
    Babycakes wrote: »
    I wish I knew how to become a game tester/beta tester. Not for me, but for my partner. I don't even know where to start with something like that. He's good at it (I mean I think) But he maybe has some dyslexia. We are trying to get him tested, and possibly into a new gaming/IT course at one of the local colleges (it actually looks like a great course at, replacing the Butlering course!) I'm sure there are requirements and he can't just apply to these jobs that are posted, any starting tips?

    Apologies if this is the wrong area for this. I be new.
    The people I've hired as testers typically were:

    -Enthusiastic about video games. This is number 1.

    -Great communicators. Testing is all about communicating bugs, issues, and feedback to the dev team. You can think of it as a writing position because the majority of the work is written bug reports.

    -Able to break down complex systems into its individual parts. An example is describing a telephone to a person who has never seen or heard of such a thing. What does the phone look like? What does it sound like? What is its design and function? What are the steps for using a phone? Think of how you would describe all this to someone who has no concept of a telephone.

    -Computer proficient to some degree. Able to use navigate a computer and use programs like Word, Outlook, and Excel.
  • Untill in 5 years you need a Brit with a degree in History (if all goes to plan) to do historian work to help with writing a TWD game?
  • I would love to work for a videogame company
  • Well, I saw the position for a local Tester Level 1 and jumped on it... Gaming has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I know I've got what it takes to be a tester, and a good one at that. Good luck to everyone that has applied for any of the positions. :] How cool would it be to get your foot in the door in the games industry? Not only that, but to get to work for Telltale would be amazing.
  • Hi My Name is Neil Jones and this is my message to the company I would love to work for.
  • I would enjoy being a play tester and giving raw feedback to developers. I'm also an idea man. The programming and what not just isn't in my blood though. Oh game industry how I love thee, yet, there is simply no place in your labor of love for me.
  • I would give anything to be a game writer--I've never lived on my own before but I'd be totally willing to move out to California if I could just get the job. I'm working on an independent game right now but it's kind of on hold; I love writing dialogue and stories...I applied right after I graduated, but of course an entry-level position is hard to come by...

    I'm also very proficient in picking up new languages, so if you need a translator....
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