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Ready, Set, ART! #3 GimmeALogo

posted by nikasaur on - last edited - Viewed by 2.7K users
Allo artists in our midst! I have a task for you.

(Spoiler: I am not very artistic... when I try, it is a determined kind of art that takes forever and goes pixel by pixel. Please, help me with this.)

Okaaaay okay so Telltale Tuesday is wicked awesome and such, but the logo was a 5 minute job and we could do with a rotation. My challenge to you:

Make a Telltale Tuesday logo!

It'll be used in subsequent Tuesday posting according to the mood: you can integrate themes, or just make it real perdy for us over here in the office. I'd love to do a fan-contest while also spotlighting fan-created art stuff!

You have 2 weeks from today to put something together (that's April 12th!) though I'll probably accept submissions past that if they're cool. Make sure it has the text Telltale Tuesday prominently, and you might be our weekly star.

Winners get something cool when I decide what it is.



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