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Wii DVD?

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Hey there -- sorry if this has been addressed before, but I skimmed through the existing forum posts and didn't see anything, so... there any word on whether or not a Wii DVD will be released for the game (as they have for Sam & Max)? I know that they've been released as five individual episodes via WiiWare, but I'd love to have a single disc I could pop in to play this thing.
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  • There has been no word on plans, and I'd personally doubt it. Sam and max weren't released on Wiiware, and SBCG4AP didn't get a disc. I think that it's unlikely that a game from Telltale is going to get two avenues of release on the Wii.
  • I don't know, I could see it happening. They do like money.
  • I'm not sure Nintendo would allow it. I can't think of any WiiWare game that was released on disc.
  • Wapcaplet;280061 said:
    I'm not sure Nintendo would allow it. I can't think of any WiiWare game that was released on disc.
    Well, XBLA didn't have retail versions of XBLA games for a while, then released some mini-compilations, so I don't necessarily think that Nintendo would prohibit a disc compilation of WiiWare titles.
  • Why would they prohibit it? They probably still make a profit from it!
  • There's no point. It's already on WiiWare.
  • I don't think Nintendo wants to sacrifice WiiWare sales by releasing the same game at retail. Personally, if I knew that some WiiWare titles may end up on store shelves, I would wait until the retail release, and I don't think Nintendo would like delaying the sale until then.
  • MusicallyInspired;280308 said:
    There's no point. It's already on WiiWare.
    It would perform better i'd imagine with the 40mb limit that Wiiware imposes lifted
  • The point is marketing it in retail stores as well as offering all 5 for a discounted price. By saying there's "no point", you might as well say there's no point in TTG releasing retail copies of any of their games.

    I'd imagine some people either don't have access to WiiWare, or are just uncomfortable with the concept of downloadable games, and enjoy having the physical copy.

    Not to mention that if they were to do a disc version, they could probably squeeze in a little bit of optimization to make it run better than the WiiWare versions, if they felt it would benefit sales to do so.
  • Yeah, but as pointed out earlier, if they do that the people who bought it on Wiiware will feel cheated. It's one thing to do it like TTG, with free disc for everyone who bought the online content. It's another to do it separately and tell people who have spent 50 dollars already that they'll have to pay again.

    I think many people (myself included) would just stop purchasing on Wiiware if the games are going to be released on discs. So that would be a potential money loss over there, not to mention making discs costs a lot and most people who would be interested probably got it on wiiware already.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd probably buy ToMI on Wii if such a disc was released, but that's only because I didn't buy a Wiiware one. And I'd be very, very cautious about buying things on wiiware after that.
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