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Best April Fool's prank you ever pulled

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I know, an April Fool's thread that isn't a prank. The mind boggles.

Anyway, we're a pretty ridiculous bunch on here, so I wonder, what's the best April Fool's joke you ever pulled on someone?

Mine was in my freshman year of high school. My friends and I had been saving the food coloring packets from the Lunchables promotion at the time. They were colored powders that would change to another color when wet. Mostly, we had the orange packets that turned the pizza sauce green. So when my lit teacher stepped out of the room, I went up to his desk and put one of the packets into his coffee. He didn't notice for quite a while, though he did make a comment that it tasted like all the sugar settled to the bottom. When he eventually did notice that his coffee was green, he freaked out and got rid of it. Needless to say, he wasn't very energetic that day.
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  • I don't know about me, but I remember the best prank ever pulled on television. When Adult Swim edited farts into all of their programming, even their late night shows and anime.
  • I missed that one. I did think it was awesome when they aired the Aqua Teen movie in its a tiny corner of the screen with no sound during their regular programming. Of course, I can't stand Aqua Teen, so I found it hilarious.
  • I don't do pranks, but I am curious about all the prank threads popping up that are getting locked with no explanation.
  • I did a prank together with the german LucasArts-Adventure-Fanpage Tentakelvilla in the year 2006 (Link!).
    We said that we found the original (german) radioplays of Monkey Island and Zak McKracken. They were planned to be included in the boxes of these games (like Loom).
    I stamped the logos on a blank cassette and made photos. Pure evidence!
    And the page had a link to these radio-plays as well, you could listen to them right now!

    Of course these were only the pretty short rubbish ones I did myself. This was actually the first time they were released in the internet. Almost a historic moment! One year later the Monkey Island one would become a flash-movie. Teehee.

  • Haha. Majus, that's exactly the sort of epic prank I would expect of you.
  • I'd love to pull an epic prank someday, but I never have the resources to carry out my ideas. :( I did start a joke religion, though, if that counts. It even picked up a few random followers that I've never met.
  • I'm too lame to have ever pulled an april fools joke.
  • A few years ago when I was at uni an April fools fell on a Sunday we told my mate it was Monday and he slept through all of Sunday cos he was out Saturday night. I almost felt bad watching him scurry round as he thought he was late for class.

    I know, it's still pretty lame
  • I have actually pulled a prank that worked. I told a friend of mine who is a MAJOR spaceballs fan that Mel Brooks is making Spaceballs 3: the Quest for 2.

    he fell for it, and I then told him the truth that Mel Brooks wont make it and the closest he will get is the sadly ill fated cartoon show
  • I told everyone that Yare and Nikasaur were engaged... and THEY POSTED PICTURES!!

    I have to say that's the most epic win of an April Fools joke I ever made.
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