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Can I add to my backordered purchase with the new S&M sale?

posted by zmally on - last edited - Viewed by 239 users
Well it's all in the title really..

I'm very tempted to grab a few extra bits, most notably the DVD set and the comic book - but I can't afford to pay for the shipping...

Am I able to add to my existing purchase (which qualified for free shipping at the time) or is that not allowed?

I thought I'd better ask, rather than wait another few months before I buy more stuff...

Also, if I wanted some Tomi stuff that's not on sale, can I add that now, as I have more money?

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  • Considering it's a completely separate offer offered almost a week after the free shipping sale, I'm pretty sure your answer is going to be no. My guess is that you're saving at least the cost of shipping though on the item, so you could always think of it as free shipping in those terms.
  • but assuming I want to add something to my order that is not currently on sale?
  • I really don't know what to tell you, pretty sure you're going to have to pay full price or pay for shipping for anything that isn't in your already placed order. Things don't generally work that way here or in the real world, you can't use two coupons toward one carton of juice. You'll have to e-mail support and see if they can do anything for you as far as adding to that order.
  • Way to hit you where it hurts.. I ordered the Sam & Max book and animated series to make up my $50 and now they are on 50% off.. which would have saved me $25, even paying the $18 postage I would still be $7 better off. Maybe i should cancel and re-order
  • What I meant the second time, by something not currently on sale, was specifically the ToMI tarot deck. But I've just bought them anyway.
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