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Is money an inappropriate subject?
I like talking about money. I find it relaxing. I was wondering if other people were in the same case and would like to talk about it.

I know it's often taboo (you're not supposed to ask people how much they earn or stuff like that) but I wasn't sure if it's considered controversial enough to be, well, something to avoid talking about on forums.

Either way, if anyone else is interested, here is a money subject. Well, for now. Who knows what it's going to turn into.
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  • Giant Tope;284763 said:
    I never was able to see myself living in anything but a small house. Or dwelling. Or whatever. I don't take that much space to begin with, I suppose.
    I prefer small places too. My current ideal size (taking into account that we're two people with pets) would be 500 square feet or so for the place itself (possibility of balcony/garden on top of that). When it's too big, it feels empty and soulless to me. I feel (I know it's weird) like I need the place I live in to be "hugging" me. It feels cosy, nice, warm. It feels like a home.
    I have lived in bigger places before, and it made me extremely stressed. I felt like I didn't have a "safe place" to go, a home, like I was outside even when I was home. When that happened, I would usually reconvert just my bedroom into the whole "home" and barely use the other rooms.

    I guess money-wise it's lucky for me as a smaller place costs less, not only to rent or buy, but to heat, light, and even to fill (have you noticed how when some people move to bigger place, they start buying more stuff to fill up the place?)
  • Thriftweed Fancy Pants;284841 said:
    I'd invest my money in Telltale if they'd let me.
    Hey, if you have bought any of their games you are investing in them. :D
  • I don't like big houses with open floorplans, which seem to be really popular nowadays. I need to feel like each "room" is a separate "thing" with a purpose. Also, large places are too easy to fill with useless garbage that you can't possibly manage.

    Also, Avistew continues to make very good posts. It reminds me of the internet before every 12 year-old and their dog got onto it.
  • Rather Dashing;287217 said:
    Also, Avistew continues to make very good posts. It reminds me of the internet before every 12 year-old and their dog got onto it.
    You can't possibly be THAT old.
  • It's not THAT old, i think.
    At least it seems to me that there wasn't such a lot of us around when I was 12.

    As for the thread subject, philosopher plastic bertrand summed up my thoughts better than i could :

    Pognon Pognon Pognon Pooohoognoon
    J'en ai pas trop donnez moi z-en
    Du bléééééééééééééééééééé
    Du bléééééééééééééééééééé

    (Money Money Money Moohooneyy
    Don't have any, please give me some
    Some douuuuuuuuuuugh
    Some douuuuuuuuuuugh

    and no, it ain't the translation that makes it sound retarded).
  • Hahaha I can't believe you called Plastic Bertrand a philosopher :p

    I didn't actually know this song. I think I only know the Asterix one and "Ça plane pour moi".

    Anyway, I remember the Internet back when not may people had it. There weren't many people my age on.
  • That guy's my hero.

    The song's pognon pognon, and i think it's on the "Ca plane pour moi" album...I'm not sure, it's definitely somwhere among my lame mp3s collection though.

    Don't think i ever heard anything about asterix tho, sounds fun.
  • Astro Gnocci;287280 said:
    Don't think i ever heard anything about asterix tho, sounds fun.
  • Hey, great one haha.

    Was it some tv coartoon's theme ?
    Funny, i'm pretty sure i've never heard it. But then again i've never been a huge asterix fan.

    Thanks anyway. Tried to find pognon pognon on youtube, but the damn thing doesn't seem to be on there :(
  • It was in La Surprise de César, I think. Which is a movie that mixes Astérix Légionnaire and Astérix Gladiateur as he is one, then the other.

    Haven't seen it in a while though. I wasn't too fond of how the fair-headed people seemed to have eyes glued over their hair, if I recall.
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