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The Great "I did not receive a response to my ticket" Thread

posted by nikasaur on - last edited - Viewed by 5.8K users
So you didn't hear back from us? That's kinda weird. Sometimes responses fall through the cracks or get snagged by Spam filters, so we'll make sure you get the support you need.

Post here with your ticket number and we'll take a look at it ASAP.

Didn't get an automatic response? Tell us here and we'll search your username for ticket history.
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  • I sent two followup-requests for my issue to Telltales support by responding to the email from bonnie but never got any responses (no response from bonnie, no automated response; I thought it's because there was already an issue-number in the bottom of the email)

    It's about [issue-28372]. I recieved a code for my Strong Bad Season Upgrade + DVD but the code does not work. It does not reduce the price nor does it produce any error message stating that the code is not valid.
    I am not going to post the code here but will send it via PM to a mod by request of course.
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hey der_ketzer, sorry you didn't get a response to your follow-ups. I did a little bit of digging, and it looks like you probably don't need a special code for Strong Bad at all. One of your episodes was flagged incorrectly in our system (preventing you from upgrading correctly), but I fixed the issue.

    Check out this page again:, and the price should reflect that you qualify for the free disc.
  • thanks a lot. I just ordered.
  • So, still not knowing what´s stalling my order.

    Please lemme know so I can get the thing out of my shoppingchart and into my Danish mailbox before deploying.

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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hey Rubberchicken,

    Your ticket was answered; I'll PM you the response in just a sec.
  • Hiya gang, I sent in a support request on March 26. Here's the gist of it again:

    I have a coupon code from pre-ordering Monkey
    Island. (I think I have another one floating around from one of my
    other S&M season orders too...) Anyway, that coupon code was good for
    either one free episode, or to quote the email from y'all: "We're
    writing because it looks like you received a coupon code for a free
    episode during the pre-order special for Tales of Monkey Island, but
    you haven't used it yet! Well, we're sweetening this offer by giving
    you the option to get any full season for just $19.95, too! That's $15
    off the normal season price!"

    I was about to order the new season of S&M, but the above code doesn't
    seem to work. Is the new season not eligible for this coupon? I
    haven't been able to use the code because I think I've already
    purchased every other game you've made that I the free
    game codes seem to go to waste. :)

    When you get a chance, can you tell me if this code can be
    re-activated somehow, or if the new S&M pre-order isn't eligible?

    Thanks for your help!
  • No need for support to answer that, we can as well.
    And yeah, it's only valid for seasons older than ToMI, so not S&M3.
  • Hassat Hunter;285297 said:
    No need for support to answer that, we can as well.
    And yeah, it's only valid for seasons older than ToMI, so not S&M3.
    Bummer. I already own all the older content. :)
  • I sent an email back in February that I'd forgotten all about, but I haven't had a reply and it doesn't seem to have been acted on. It's "issue-26680". :) Reply by email if possible, please.
  • I've still not heard anything. :-(
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