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Bone and Gametap

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I'm just curious whether there has been any plan in development about adding the Bone games to Gametap, since you already have a partnership with them involving Sam and Max. I think it would be great to make Gametap as the episodic centre of the world.
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  • episodic centre of the USA, you mean
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    I think I read somewhere they will be expanding to countries outside of North American (you can get GameTap in the US and Canada). :) I can't remember exactly where I read that and what the timing will be but it will likely happen.

    They'd be missing out on a big market if they never expanded. :)

    Edit: Here it is.
  • The complication gametap runs into when expanding into europe and elsewhere is that many of the games they were able to license in the US are licensed in a completely different way in other countries, so gametap isn't allowed to deliver much of its content outside of the US.
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