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Having problems accessing Bone Director's Cuts after already purchasing original

posted by Aureus on - last edited - Viewed by 616 users

I have previously paid for the full version of the Out From Boneville game and have tried to install the newly updated version of the game. Either the order number or the password is not working as the game will not allow me to update.

My hardware fingerprint is 4EB6-AF95 and my order number is 1613288755.

Please could you send me any other details I need in order to run the full version of the new Director's cut. Thank you.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Hey Aureus, sorry the upgrade path from regular Boneville to the Director's Cut is a bit convoluted. We're working on a more long term solution to prevent this sort of stuff happening with future products. Upgrade instructions for existing Boneville customers are located here. That said, if Emily has read this thread, she is probably already in the process of contacting you. :)
  • I too am having similar problems except this is on the Great Cow Race.
  • Anyone who has this problem needs to click Activation Support and follow the instructions to get an activation key. We can't help you until you send in the hardware fingerprint.

    If you email us and don't receive a response within about 24 hours, check your spam folder (especially if you're a Gmail user... Gmail is dumping a lot of our emails into the spam pile, unfortunately).

    Aureus, I just replied to your PM. :)
  • Actually, gmail is dumping all of our mail into the spam folder. Still not sure why :(

    I made an announcement about it in the suport forums.
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