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Which plush should I make?

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The preorderers among you might be aware of the fact that I made Sam and Max plushes. I shared pictures there as a preordering bonus thing. I'll add them here after the Devil's Playhouse is out.

Now I want (no, I need) to work on other characters. But I've decided I can't knit every single character of every series so I'm going to go with other series for now.
So I'm asking you: which character do you think is iconic of telltale games (by which I mean, not someone we see for 3 seconds in one episode) and would make a good plush? (looking humanoid would be a great help).

I'm thinking of starting with the main characters of each game, and then moving to telltale-exclusive characters if any. But really, my point is which should I work on next? I have no clue.

Telltale team, you're encouraged to share your opinion too, by the way. Any character apart from Sam&Max (the OP retains all discretion not to follow advice given in this thread).

Oh, and before anyone asks, all these plushes already have owners (yes, even those that haven't been made yet). And I'm only making one of each (most of the fun is in figuring out how to make them, it would feel boring making the same one a second time). So I'm not making one for you. But you'll get to see pictures.
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