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Shipping a single DVD to Israel 17$, really?

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When I signed up here back in July last year to buy TOMI I checked the shipping rates and shipping a single disc to Israel was about 8$ or so. Now the cheapest option is 17$, this is more than double, and way way too much.

In truth the cheapest shipping from the US to Israel for a DVD sized item is 5$ via small packets airmail. While I understand there are some handling fees involved 17$ is not something I'm willing to pay. I'm sure there are other international TT customers who feel the same way.

I bought TOMI and W&G with the knowledge I could get the season discs at almost no cost when they come out, but the W&G disc turns out to be a coaster due to DRM and shipping TOMI alone costs half of the game.

I suggest TT look into more affordable alternatives for international customers, and I do not mean to flame - I enjoyed TOMI very much and would like to support the developers further, but with things like this I'm afraid I will not be a returning customer...
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  • It's a really important issue and there are more than several threads about it in the forums. You see, even Canadians have to pay high prices for shipping because of the shipping company Telltale has a contract with. And since there is a contract going on, it's a hard issue to solve (until the contract expires) even for Telltale.

    Sometimes (or rather, rarely) there are offers of free shipping when you buy some things over a given value of cost, so you wouldn't like to miss those opportunities if you don't want to pay for shipping.
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