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Purchasing from Steam vs Telltale

posted by Koolkevk on - last edited - Viewed by 283 users
I planed on getting the S&M3 from Telltale later this week until the latest TF2 update claims there are extra things you can get for purchasing from Steam. I was a little confused by the offer however. Namely, would a purchase from the official Telltale store be able to unlock the extra TF2 goodies? By extension, would a Steam purchase not allow me to receive the free DVD at the end of August?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The two offers have different exclusive offers at launch.

    Steam Store = TF2 hats/guns.

    Telltale Store = Collectors DVD for free at the end of the season.
  • Thank you, I wasn't sure if they were exclusive or not.
  • To sort of steal the thread away from Koolkevk:

    In light of Telltale purchases also getting the TF2 items (, is there any chance that Steam customers might also get the bonus DVD down the road? :D

    If not, then oh well I bought the game a few hours too early.
  • Heya Toast,

    It does not look likely that we'll have access to Steam's list of purchasers as they are an entirely different company than we are. Getting a list of codes to gift out to our fans for hats is quite a bit different than getting lists of purchases from the Steam database and making them eligible for the DVD on our side.

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