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My country's not listed!

posted by david.given on - last edited - Viewed by 130 users
I've just preordered S&M season 3. Hurray!

However, I was slightly surprised to see that the country where I live, the United Kingdom, doesn't appear on the address drop-down list on the order page. Neither does 'Britain', which the UK is frequently called for short. I did eventually find 'Great Britain', but it did require a certain amount of lateral thinking to look under G for a country whose name begins with a U (or a B).

To be pedantic, Great Britain is the name of the biggest island in the archipelago called the British Isles, which contains two (approximately) nations: Ireland and the United Kingdom. But while Great Britain contains the large majority of the United Kingdom, it is not the name of the country.

While I'm aware that all the geography in the British Isles is funky (the island called Ireland contains a nation called Ireland and also a country called Northern Ireland which is part of the nation called the United Kingdom, which is in turn made up of four countries (three of which (England, Scotland and Wales) are (mostly) on the island called Great Britain), two bailiwicks and fourteen overseas territories, at the last count; plus there's the Isle of Man, which is just weird (it's owned wholly by the UK government but is not actually part of the UK (or even the EU), despite Manx citizens being considered also to be UK citizens. I think)), it would still be kinda nice to find my country filed under U where I expect it!
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Yeah, we know, but the USPS doesn't, apparently. We get the country list from them, and it's not an easy thing to change from what I've heard. Sorry :(
  • Ah. That explains everything.

    Well, never mind then --- I just brought it up in case it was an oversight. After all, it could be much worse: you could be calling the UK 'England'...
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