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  • I liked the future vision usage you had in the game. Without the first one you mention giving me the idea of death from above, I'd never have found the pigeon on the flagpole, since it hadn't occurred to me that you could move out onto it.

    Having become too set in my habits from the first two games, it didn't occur to me that whenever I got max touching someone, it was a good idea to teleport them without the future vision.
  • Agreed! Sometimes the future vision was like another hint function and other times it was absolutely necessary for puzzle solutions. This was infuriating. There was little sense of accomplishment in solving puzzles with these vision hints. But going around not using the goggles is not an option either.
  • The problem with FutureVision, I think, is that it was often only one step between the present and the vision. I think that, when you're doing FutureVision puzzles, you need to make the set-up more complex than the average Sam and Max puzzle, because you already have a big piece of the puzzle done already(knowing what needs to be done). I don't think FutureVision by itself ruins puzzles, I just think it was used poorly in this episode.
  • The bannana peel part was probably the most frustrating because if you could get it without using future vision, then the rest of that puzzle would be self-explanatory.

    I have to say though, using Future Vision on the toy shop was one of my favorite moments of the game. :)
  • The thing that annoyed me about the future vision is that certain visions were necessary to move on, and others were (far too helpful) hints. I don't know about other people, but I prefer to solve these puzzles on my own without hints. But there was no way to tell between the necessary visions and the hint visions until it was too late. I feel Telltale should have implemented some way to tell between the two. Perhaps make the hint visions sparkle a different color or something.
  • Well hint visions should only work if you have the hints turned on. That's what I think anyway.
  • bobtheskutter;291808 said:
    Well hint visions should only work if you have the hints turned on. That's what I think anyway.
    Great idea.
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