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Past Interim THeater and Machinima Shorts?

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Will the past Interim Theater and machinima shorts ever be made available on the site again?
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  • About the machinimas, I think it would be nice to have a full credit sequence : who had the initial idea, who the writers were, who directed it and even animated it - if customs animation were crafted especially for the machinimas.
    D'you think it's worth it ?
  • It would be annoying watching all that for a 1 min short.

    I found the link to download short # 2

    Why is the file size significantly smaller then the last? Can you guys put up a High res. one?
  • I was thinking of an ending credits sequence.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    The first six shorts were largely conceived and written by Heather Logas and Dave Grossman, with some editing by Brendan Q. Ferguson.

    The first one (Frank Discussion) was put together in the tool by me (Jake Rodkin) and intern extraordinaire Deirdra Kai.

    Shorts 2 and 3 were staged and put together in the tool by Daniel Herrera.

    Shorts 4-6 were put together in the tool by me, with extra contributions from a bunch of people.

    The sound effects, music, and mixing were done by Jared Emerson-Johnson and Julian Kwasneski at Bay Area Sound.

    We've only built 1-6 at this point so that's all I've got for you!

    Bonus Sneak Peek: There will be some shorts hitting after episode 3 (somewhere in the shorts 7-12 range) written by Steve Purcell, and a few by Telltale staffers who came out of the woodwork when Brendan and Dave asked if anyone in the company wanted to take a crack at writing a short.
  • ^^ Sweet news Jake.
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