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You guys should really fix the "no DVD for Steam users" thing guys...

posted by FireAza on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
I was about to buy the TellTale version of Sam & Max season 3 so I could get the free DVD at the end of the season. But then Valve came along with S&M items for TF2, and just combined my two favourite games. I decided that I would prefer the TF2 items over the free DVD, so I chose the Steam version. But then I hear TellTale is working with Valve to get the TF2 items for TT purchasers as well. ARUGH!

I really think it's about time you guys came up with a solution to people who buy the Steam version of S&M not being allowed to get the free end-of-season DVD. It's understandable that this wasn't possible with season 1 and 2, after all, they were brought to Steam much later. But with season 3, it's being relased on Steam at the same time as it is on the TellTale store. Not only that, but if you do make it possible for TT store users to get the TF2 items, then I think it's only fair that Steam users would be able to get the bonus DVD.

C'mon TellTale, please work something out!
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  • Well, if you bought it from telltale, you can get it from here.
  • I know, and that's the thing that sucks, this wasn't an option when I brought it :(
  • Aw, now I read that getting the TF2 items with the TellTale copy of the game involves Valve giving purchasers of the TellTale version of the game free copies of the Steam version. That's a little unfair Telltale, how about being a sport and giving purchasers of the Steam version copies of the TellTale version too?
  • I agree, give us the DVD with the Steam version.
  • While I'm a happy owner of the Telltale store version, I think that it would be nice if those who bought from Steam could have the DVD.
    Ofc, the costs might be way too high for that but if you can afford something like this then I see no reason why not to.
  • The DVD is a bit much, I'd just be happy with the private forum access. I wanna be one of the cool kids!
  • I love the title of the thread, it reminds me of the title of a great Spinal Tap song.
  • Telltale offer these extras as an incentive to buy directly from them, it makes perfect sense. If they were to give Steam purchasers these privilages Telltale would suffer financially in the future. People need to make a choice - Dvd or Steam. You can't have everything.
  • Valve takes money for selling stuff on Steam, when tell tale sell direct they don't loose that money. That money is why we get the DVD for free.

    Not really sure what % Valve takes but I know Garry of Garry's Mod gets 50%.
  • While I wouldn't be against the Steam users getting the free DVD, I doubt that Telltale will do this and I completely understand why. I don't have any numbers or figures or anything, but I would be willing to bet that Telltale makes more money when games are bought directly from their store than they do when the games are purchased on Steam. Therefore, the people who buy the game straight from Telltale, in my opinion, deserve all of the perks that you can get by purchasing it. A lot of us here on the forums consider Telltale to be our favorite game company and want to support them as much as possible. For instance, many of us pre-ordered Sam and Max the day that it was available. And many of us felt that we were getting almost left out when we had done so. I don't use Steam almost at all, but I know a lot of people on these forums would have purchased Sam and Max 3 on Steam had they known about the TF2 items beforehand. Personally, I don't think it makes much sense for Telltale to offer bonus things for buying their games outside their store.
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