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Most Disappointing Games ..

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Hi everyone , this thread about most disappointing games ..

What is the games you been waiting for it and after the game release the game was disappointing to you ?

For me :

Far cry 2

Call of Duty 5 World at War
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  • smackdown vs raw 2010
  • Fable 2 - Got to the end of the game, the story had finally gotten interesting, and apparently that was the end. Felt robbed.
    Final Fantasy XII - Just couldn't get into it, tried really hard to.
  • This shouldn't be too hard.

    Curse of Monkey Island
    Fallout 3
    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Too Human

    And...sadly, KOTOR II. Not because it was poorly conceived, but because it was rushed out the door by LucasArts to come out in time for Christmas. Because it was forced to ship without an ending, and with so many things throughout just...missing. This is the biggest disappointment on the list simply because, unlike the other titles above, the design itself wasn't shallow and uninspired from the start. There were great things here.
  • Rather Dashing;291653 said:
    Curse of Monkey Island.
  • Iron man - It's control scheme was first person shooter plus flying it was awkward and it's story wasnt as good as the movie

    Rayman: Hoodlums Revenge - It played well but was very short and to dang easy.
  • Sailorcuteness;291623 said:
    smackdown vs raw 2010
    I fail to see how it is so disappointing... but ok.

    As if I haven't said it enough in the last couple of days.... Sonic '06
  • Kings Quest 8
    last two Leisure suit Larry games especially the last one
    many of the adventure game company games
    most superhero games
  • Irishmile;291664 said:
    most superhero games
    I love spiderman 2, 3 and that cell shaded one where you play as venom (can't remember what it was called). I remember just swinging around aimlessly... it was pretty awesome.
  • Fealiks;291669 said:
    that cell shaded one where you play as venom (can't remember what it was called).
    Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Sonic Heroes (keep in mind this is the first Sonic game I've played since the Master System 2) and Sonic 2006 (I really wish I picked a better game when I got my PlayStation 3) the moral of the story is to never put your hopes up for a Sonic game.
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