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  • Go to see Grampa Stinky and resolve that puzzle. You lack 1 more clue.
  • Tips. Those get more spoilery every time you click.

    [Spoiler] He has the Beacon and you need that beacon. [/Spoiler]
    [Spoiler] There's a place in Skun-ka'pe ship that probably will help you[/Spoiler]
    [Spoiler] Remember what's happened with the first moleman? [/Spoiler]
    [Spoiler] What's happen in the room of processing molemen with your items? [/Spoiler]
    [Spoiler] Specially where's Stinky Cellphone after that? [/Spoiler]
    [Spoiler] That could happen with some else items. Except Max's of course [/Spoiler]
    [Spoiler] Items Like a Beacon [/Spoiler]
    [Spoiler] Ok, enter to the Molemen Procesing Room. After that teleport to Stinky's and then teleport back to the Procesing Room with Grampa Stinky by dialing Stinky's Cellphone, which must be still at the ship. Appart of the Beacon you must obtain the clue you need[/Spoiler]
  • Arty52;292017 said:
    did that but its nothing I haven't seen before and I don't see how any of this is related to grandpa stinky
    How on earth is Grandpa Stinky exitting the mole processing room NOT related to Grandpa Stinky?
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