Texas Hold'em is back!

EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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After a whole bunch of trials and tribulations, Telltale Texas Hold'em is FINALLY available again. Here it is!

If you bought the old version from us and want to upgrade to this new version (which has some bug fixes), you'll probably need an activation key to get it activated. Just click Activation Support and follow the instructions.


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    Very cool.. Guess this can do until we see an addon or and Texas hold'em 2 :P
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    I purchased and downloaded Texas Hold'em. It no longer works and I was advised to download again. How do I do so without having to pay again?
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    If you'd replied to my e-mail, I would have told you :)

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    Holy Crap This Games's Fffffuuuuuuunnnnnnnn
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    Any news about a new version 100% Vista compatible? Thanks
  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    Coming! It's actually in the queue for QA right now (finally).

    Until then, there is a temporary, Vista-compatible version available here: http://files.telltalegames.com/games/TelltaleTexasHoldem_Vista_Setup.exe

    If you bought the game already, you will need an activation key to unlock it. Just click activation support and follow the instructions. Also, you may want to reboot a few times and make sure the hardware fingerprint isn't changing before you email us. Sometimes it takes a reboot or two for the hardware fingerprint to stay put, and that needs to happen before we'll be able to send you an activation key that works in Vista.
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    That's awesome news, Emily. It'll be nice (and slightly obsessive on my part) to finally have all of the TTG games working 100% on my Vista machine.
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    It's up!
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    Emails are on their way out to all customers, also.
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