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Things to do in Max's mind and other fun things!

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Hello all, there have been many "Did you try" lists in the past; but this list is the first "Have you used your Psychic Powers" list. This list tells exactly how and when and why to use your psychic powers, even if it's teleportation. Things will also include soon are the crossovers that you can see in Max's mind and I have already added The Power List which includes a Narrator like voice-over in the text.
For future Episode(s), go here: Spoilers below!

Psychic Powers:
  • Deck of Cards = Mind Reading: This ability is unique and is quite usefull against enemies who are planning to destroy you. When used you may view a person's most inner thoughts.
  • Telephone = Teleportation: When used, you can teleport to any location that has a phone. If you have memorized that number that is.
  • 3D Viewmaster (The Eyes of Yog-Saggoth) = Future Vision: This power is one of the far of most powerful Toys that you can unlock; when used you may view certain parts of the future.
  • Rhinoplasty = Shapeshifting: This innocent hunk of clay is actually the key to transforming into an innanimate object. To use, smear the clay on a picture of an object and then transform into that object.
  • Nutrition Specs = Organic X-Ray: Allows you to see hidden objects and view the health of people around you.
Using The Powers
  • Mind Reading
    -Use on Harry Moleman (Default)
    -Use on Sam twice down below in Skunkape's ship (before and after using it on Harry)
    -Use on Stinky in Skunkape's ship
    -Use on General Skunkape
    -Use on Sam again on the upper deck of the ship
    -Use on the Brain
  • Teleportain
    -Harry Moleman (Can only be used at the beginning of the game)
    -Stinky's Cell
    -Sybil's Phone
    -Grandpa Stinky's Phone
    -Mama Bosco's phone
    -COPS's Phone
  • Future Vision
    -Use on Sam 3 times
    -Use on Skunkape 3 times
    -Use on the Desoto before and after chasing Stinky away.
    -Use on Boscos' sign of Notice
    -Use on the Office
    -Use on Skunkape's ship
    -Use on Bad News, Worse News

    *Stinky's Diner*
    -Use on Sam before you press the Trap-Door button and After you wake up the brain
    -Use on Flintpaper (Default)
    -Use on Girl Stinky (Default)
    -Use on Radio (Default)
    -Use on Grandpa Stinky before and after you give him the lottery ticket

    *Skunkape's Ship*
    -Use on Brain before and after you cure him
    -Use on Sam before and after you cure The Brain
    -Use on Mole door before and after you enter it
    -Use on The Inventory Button before and after you trick Harry

    *Bosco Tech Labs*
    -Use on Sam before and after you knock out the apes
    -Use on Mama Bosco before you find the powercore, and then after, and once again after you knock out the apes
    -Use on Harry
    -Use on Sam before and after you find the powercore

    *Meesta Pizza*
    -Use on the door
    -Use on Sam before and after you get the postcard
    -Use on the pigeon on the trashcan (only works before you use the cellphone on the pigeon)
    -Use on the cellphone pigeon
    *Pawn Shop*
    -Use on everything
    -Use on Sam after you knock out the ape

    *Bob's Toys!s*
    -Use on the Toy Display
    -Use on Sam (Default)

    *The Subway*
    -Use on Pudding Head Lincoln
    -Use on Subway sign
    -Use on both Molemen tunnels (Boring but something to do)

    *Molemen's cult room*

    -Use on Sam before and after sucking Skunkape downstairs
    -Use on Toybox before and after plugging it in

    *Skun-k'ape's War Cruise*
    -Use on Stinky
    -Use on Skunkape (Gotta get Sam out of the way)
  • Rhinoplasty
    -Use Control Panel (Direct left of Bazooka Picture)
    -Use on Plant Painting
    -Use on Bazooka Picture
  • Nutrition Specs
    Will post after I get the PS3 version, will be soon!
Other Fun Things:
  • Crossover Content from the Images in Max's Mind
    -Chickens (Wallace & Gromit)
    -Cows (Bone, or S&M)
    -Gondola (Monkey Island)
    -Fans (Either Edna's from W&G or Sybil's)
    -Frying Pans (W&G)
    -Viking Helmet (Bone 2)
    -Energizing Battery (W&G Episode 1)
    -Wrenches (W&G)
    -Large Bone (Bone 2)
    -Apples (Bone 1-2)
    -Stack of Pies (W&G)
    -Tennis Racket (W&G)
    -Golf Clubs (W&G)
And it's done... I would have done more but it was really hard to remember all of that...
So now it's time for: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak!!!!
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