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TfMI: Ep 1 Crashing

posted by scarmichael42 on - last edited - Viewed by 241 users
Tales from Monkey Island crashes and locks up my entire machine, a true rarity in OS X.

I'm running a 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo Mac Book pro with 3GB of RAM with OS X 10.6.3. My graphics card is a RadeonX1600 (256MB VRAM).

The freeze has occurred in a different spot each time, but has happened every time I've played the game.

I've downloaded the newer client versions per one of the recent forum posts.

From one of the recent crashes I got this out of the

"4/17/10 10:34:54 AM [0x0-0x47047].com.telltalegames.MonkeyIsland101[3811] Open: Unable to open "sk20_guybrush_handpox.d3dtx."."

I figure that was related to the crash, as the line is repeated at least 50 times in a row in the Console.

What other info can I hunt to help troubleshoot the issue? Is it simply a graphics card incompatibility?
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  • I've also tried to e-mail support on this issue (issue-30142, sent 4/21) and have gotten no response. Any help?
  • Hey, sorry for the lack of response, I must have missed this one. Could you try redownloading the game to get the latest version? If that doesn't solve if for you, try turning your graphics quality down as low as it will go to see if you can make it through that part.
  • I already had the most recent version, but it looks like lowering the graphic settings down to 1 has worked for now.

    Is it just that some of the effects don't like the RadeonX1600?
  • Yeah, there are definitely some effects that tax the graphics cards more than others. It's conceivable it's just being overloaded at that point, and getting you through that one point will be enough to get you through the game.
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