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Another unreceived order...

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I ordered a Sam & Max T-Shirt and a poster set on 2nd October, but I've not heard from it since the bill came. The payment has been taken care of and I'm aware that the shipping may take a while to overseas (I live in Finland, which is very much overseas). Since I went and deleted the confirmation email I thought I should post my worries here. I can tolerate long shipping times (it's Sam and Max, for them I'll tolerate anything) but I'm indeed starting to get worried.

The order number is 1620882900.
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  • Thanks for being so patient, but this is much longer than it should take. :(

    I'll have a replacement sent to you. I'm going to send you a PM to confirm that the shipping address is correct - please write back and let me know yes or no. We're running very low on poster prints and I want to make sure this gets out to you before our stock runs out.
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