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Can't Walk after Loading from Save in iPad Version

posted by emozilla on - last edited - Viewed by 196 users
I bought The Penal Zone on iPad yesterday and have ran into an extremely irritating issue. It seems that I can't walk after restoring a game from a save. It consistently reproduces for me by:

1. Play the opening of the game up to where you actually walk around on the ship (after opening the gateway thing)
2. Save the game.
3. Exit the game.
4. Re-open the game, and continue/load. Notice you can't walk around anymore, only click on things!

It seems the only way I can go further is by restarting the game. But, once I need to stop playing for a bit (save and exit), I'm boned!

Any ideas, or is this a known issue?
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  • E-mailed support and still haven't heard anything. I posted in the "didn't get a response" thread too. Please help!
  • What a frustrating bug. I just spent over an hour trying to work out why I'm too stupid to solve one of the first puzzles in the game. Now it turns out that the game is broken, not my brain.

    When will the fixed version be submitted to the app store? The game is unplayable at the moment.
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