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So I saw a couple cosplay pictures while looking through the "What do you look like" thread. Anyone else out there a cosplayer, and if so which characters do you cosplay/plan on cosplaying?

General sharing pictures/advice thread go!

Oh, and here's some pictures of my recent costumes:

Sniper from Team Fortress 2


Scout from Team Fortress 2


Haine Rammsteiner from DOGS: Bullets & Carnage

I'm planning on cosplaying Guybrush to PAX 2010 with my buddy Giant Tope as Winslow.

Show me your pics!
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  • Giant Tope wrote: »
    This is necessary even for characters like, say, Guybrush, as his shirt opens up a bit. If not, you'll see the binding and it looks pretty bad.

    Could there be a trick of some sort, like wearing a flesh-coloured shirt, for when only a small amount of skin shows?
  • I've seen pics of people using airbrushed body suits, but it doesn't seem like its not worth the trouble if you're just going to show a wee bit of chest.
  • Well, if it avoids a lot of pain, it might be worth it... Since side biding is much more painful.
  • Airbrushing tends to be expensive and the body suit tends to be pretty obviously fake. Idk, its up to the person I suppose, but I'd imagine to be better off just doing side binding for a day.
  • I wouldn't know. I'm obviously too much of a sissy for even regular binding xD
  • The fourth episode of "a life well wasted" has a fantastic segment from an award winning cosplayer, you should probably listen to it.

    The closest I have done to cosplaying is dressing as Ryu (Street Fighter) for a halloween party.
  • Wow the Kumoricon at Vancouver was the second con I ever went to. :I
  • As we've seen in Halloween contests past, Telltale fans can do a pretty mean cosplay. And yet, I couldn't seem to find a thread for it anywhere. So, let's use this space to discuss any costumes we're working on, stuff we've completed, cosplay and prop related questions, or just show off any photos and videos you may have.

    As for me, I've yet to do anything Telltale related- I had to cosplay for a previous job I had a few years ago but really haven't done much aside from some kimono commissions since. I started a Tales Guybrush cosplay, but them I left my sewing machine behind when I moved to Japan. I hand-sewed one Persona 4 cosplay since, but that was a pain in the butt. When I move back to the United States after I finish college I'm planning on finishing the Guybrush costume and hope to make my first mascot-style cosplay- Max.
  • There was a cosplay thread... like.. forever ago... i think?

    oh yeah here it is.
  • Giant Tope wrote: »
    There was a cosplay thread... like.. forever ago... i think?

    oh yeah here it is.

    Thanks. Somebody can lock this one.
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