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So I saw a couple cosplay pictures while looking through the "What do you look like" thread. Anyone else out there a cosplayer, and if so which characters do you cosplay/plan on cosplaying?

General sharing pictures/advice thread go!

Oh, and here's some pictures of my recent costumes:

Sniper from Team Fortress 2


Scout from Team Fortress 2


Haine Rammsteiner from DOGS: Bullets & Carnage

I'm planning on cosplaying Guybrush to PAX 2010 with my buddy Giant Tope as Winslow.

Show me your pics!
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  • ...I hand-sewed one Persona 4 cosplay since, but that was a pain in the butt...

    Hold the phone, you've done Persona cosplay? Sweet, which character?
  • LuigiHann wrote: »
    Here's a new look I'm working on for PAX East:

    Ha, I knew it when you posted the watch as the last item you purchased. Awesome.
  • mgrant wrote: »
    Hold the phone, you've done Persona cosplay? Sweet, which character?

    Naoto Shirogane. Although, I used the same clothes sans the hat with a silver wig and done the Protagonist, too.
  • Niiice, I had plans to do a P4 Cosplay as Chie with a friend who was going to go as Kanji, but that....fell through. I'd like a chance to do it in the future though.
  • attachment.php?attachmentid=2352&stc=1&d=1297355342
    Cosplaying is cool.

    Unfortunately I couldn't find an appropriate wig, so I stayed blonde and short haired.
  • I only cosplayed once and that was 2 halloweens ago.
    I guess I'll add to the valve theme going on XD
  • For NDK this year, I'm planning on improving my Spy costume, attempting DiZ from Kingdom Hearts, and maybe doing the merchant from Resident Evil 4 if I have time after that.
  • Giant Tope wrote: »

    same friend who did sniper in the previous pic. i helped make her mask.

    she made borscht. it was delicious.

    That's a interesting picture, especially with the mesmerising carpet. It would be interesting to watch a docu about the people who invent and agree on these patterns, the psychology behind it, those who buy it, those who have to install it, what the guests are thinking about it and how they end up once they are replaced.

    Or build the base for one of those famous three part TTG riddles where Sam&Max learn about the teleport abilities of certain carpet patterns. Now they need to find out about which patterns are located where, how to access those rooms/areas and get an opportunity to cut them out. Or you build your own game around Marvin the carpet cutter who portals himself into different worlds by arranging the right patterns. Could work well for a platformer as well as an adventure. And so on...
  • I hope no one minds my posting this here, but in my boredom and love of cosplay, I've got a contest going on another forum.

    Cosplay Bounty: Dress Like a Fool, Win Portal 2! Just dress up as some of my favorite characters and you could win.

    I've got some other games prizes as well (the Humble Indie Bundle 2, Zeno Clash, Plants Vs Zombies and the first Portal). You can win those by dressing up, or by helping me find existing photos of the characters on the bounty. If Telltale fans don't know where to find pics of people dressed as Stinky, Winslow, Morgan LeFlay and Prince Alexander (among other adventure game characters on the list) then I don't think they'll ever get found.

    I hope this doesn't come across as spammy. This isn't a commercial contest, just my own private attempt to see some of my favorite characters cosplayed. I was getting puzzled that I hadn't seen any pics of Girl Stinky costumes (I look through a lot of cosplay pics, here's proof) and I figured people might dress up as the characters I want if I offered them games in return.
  • 18Kx

    This will be fun at PAX
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