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Countdown to episode 2

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Hi, all. This is Andy Hartzell, writer and lead designer for episode two of "The Devil's Playhouse." As you can see from my pitiful post history, I haven't properly acquired the forum habit yet. But I promise to visit regularly for at least the next month or two.

So let's see...what can I tell you about the upcoming installment? You know it's called "The Tomb of Sammun-Mak", and you've guessed that it involves the mysterious objects that were revealed in the final moments of "The Penal Zone". I can tell you that it's going to be a big episode and a twisty one, a tale that ranges widely in time and space. Like episode 1, this one throws a few new ingredients into the Telltale stew, but the flavor of this one is a bit different. Less oregano, more...cumin. And clove.

There, is that enigmatic enough? Please feel free to post any questions or speculations you may have, and I promise to respond promptly with cryptic non-answers.
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    MarkoH01: I wouldn't expect to see controls like the ability to turn off the film-grain effect, at least not in episode 2. The art director likes it, and he wants you to like it too. Personally I dig it...I think it adds texture (and is particularly appropriate for episode 2). But the fans have ultimate veto power. Organize a big enough protest against film grain and we will reconsider.


    A. Episode 2 marks a definite (temporary) departure from the 70's sci-fi vibe of Episode 1. It riffs on at least three other genres...points for guessing which ones.

    Well...with the comment on film grain being particularly appropriate, I'm going to guess (or at least hope) that one of the genres is the old 40s/50s film noir/Hitchcock style.

    After all, with the new dynamic shadows and all that, I'd imagine it'd be tempting to play with a genre that made such heavy use of light and shadow, but...we'll see.
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    aHartzell Telltale Alumni
    Hi, caeska:

    No, you won't be using Future Vision in episode 2. It may return to your arsenal in subsequent episodes, but I think it's safe to reveal that it won't be featured as prominently as it was in episode 1, as new Toys of Power come into play.
  • Oho, interesting..
  • Hello! I have 3 questions.

    1. will there be time travel in this episode?

    2. Will telaportation make an appearance in this episode or will it be gone like the future vision?

    3. How many new toys will there be?
  • Hey JusSonic here. I got a few questions to ask about episode 2.

    1. Will the C.O.P.S. be used again like in the first episode?

    2. Can you give us a hint to the main villain of episode 2?

    3. Any chance Bosco, Sybil, Abe or some characters who didn't appear in Episode 1 will be showing in the new episode?

    4. Will we find out whose Girl Stinky has been seeing (the S guy on the cell who isn't Sam or Skunk'ape)?

    And finally...

    5. When will the new trailer for the episode be out?
  • Going of of JusSonic's question, will we see Jimmy Two-Teeth again?
  • Hi Andy, nice of you to drop by and answer some questions.

    I have one. Will episode 2 have the man stuck between 2 buildings that I asked Chuck about?
  • Hi Andy!
    You've alreasy answered about the grain effect, but what about the ability to
    MarkoH01 wrote: »
    fine tune graphics quality a bit more detailed
    Quality levels from 1 to 9 may be easy to handle, but i like to experiment a bit so that I can get a good framerate with graphic options that I've chosen.
  • Please release the next episode on or after May 7th, I have finals and do not need the distraction.
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    joeldee Telltale Alumni
    >>funny looking bloke?<<

    Maybe it was the fez that made him look funny?

    IMHO, he's the coolest, best looking character ever in a Sam & Max game -- or a Telltale game for that matter. That's just my opinion though ... I've got biases :P
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