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Inside Max's Brain (possible spoilers)

posted by Evan on - last edited - Viewed by 276 users
When I played The Penal Zone, something happened, and I'm wondering if any of you noticed it too. Somehow, I managed to transport inside Max's brain, which I haven't been able to do again.

Once I transported there, it was just black. Nothing else, just blackness. I transported away from there and couldn't get back.

Has anyone else experienced this?
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  • I think I had something like this. I had Stinky's cell in my inventory, and I hadn't activated the 'inside Max's mind' cutscene yet (it's triggered by you teleporting from the ship). So I teleported to Stinky's cell and after the cutscene, instead of me teleporting to where I was before, it was black. If your case is the same as mine, it's probably just a glitch because usually when you see that cutscene, you wouldn't have Stinky's cell in your inventory anyway.
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