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issue-29838-Can I get a response please?

posted by psyop on - last edited - Viewed by 163 users
I submitted a request to find out what is holding up my order on April 15 and have yet to receive a response. I have emailed 2 other times since then and still nothing. I understand if something is backordered, but a simple request to find out what that is and when it may be available is a valid request being that you did charge me for it.
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  • Tell what you ordered and even we could answer you.

    It's probably the ToMI DVD (not done yet) or the Animated Series (sold out, getting new stock).
  • Yes, one of the items is the TOMI DVD, I also ordered a Flaming Max hat. I figured the DVD wasn't done but my question to them was the hat also back ordered or not? If not, I guess they are waiting until the DVD is done to ship both. Simple question I thought, wish it didn't take 3 emails and a forum post to not get any sort of official response.
  • Yeah, everything gets shipped at once, so with the DVD unavailable all's on hold.
  • Hi psyop,
    Seems your replies from support have been eaten. Please check your pm's.

    Many thanks to Hassat Hunter for the quick replies on the forums.

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