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The Inspiration for Marquis de singe

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ok i may be rubbish on my History but after watching heston blumenthal (this guy is amazing, for people who dont know, he mixes science with food,some of the stuff he does is outstanding, check him out) show on gothic feast he refered to a guy named Marquis de Sade for his insperation for the dessert feast, and when i heard that this guys name and he was french i automatically thought of our own Marquis de singe, but this other Marquis de sade was abit of a pervert though...abit of info about him below

i dunno it might not be the inspiration but i kind of put two together, tell me what you make of this guy
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  • "Singe" is french for "Monkey"....

    Other then that, if memory serves, I believe somewhere in the forums is a discussion about our favorite Mad Scientist.

    Although I will say that this Heston Blumenthal guy sounds interesting the way you put it.
  • I don't recommend you ever read anything by the Marquis de Sade if you don't have a strong heart. The word "sadism" comes from him.
    I don't think it's a secret that the Marquis de Singe was inspired by him, except without all the sex.
  • Theres somthing I like about Heston Blumenthal I dont know what


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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The character started off more as an evil Ben Franklin, which I think is pretty awesome, but he ended up somewhere good, too.
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