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"Show selectable objects"

posted by DavidM on - last edited - Viewed by 299 users
Is there a way to show the selectable objects if I'm not using a gamepad?
I'd love to use it!

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  • there is, I think there is another thread asking and answering this, but I dont know how.
  • If someone knows where this was, please link me. I can't find it.
  • Actually, I don't think there is. Here's a post from Yare explaining why gamepad players have the option:
    [TTG said:
    Yare;285262']No, but I do think it is the fastest way to familiarize yourself with all objects in a container that was previously opaque. The problem with a relative directional selection scheme is you have to already know where you want to go and what items are selectable, else you will miss things. People missed things all the time in Wallace and Gromit. Linear search prevents gamepad people from skipping things. There's always a reason behind the control decisions we make.
  • I always think part of the fun in adventure games is not knowing, actually seeking out what is and isn't selectable.
  • I'm playing adventures since 1990 or so, and it's always been something that bothered me, not knowing, which objects are relevant.

    I very much appreciate that Telltale has only very few unimportant objects selectable. Anyone remembers Orion burger? They made every straw of grass selectable.
  • Personally, I think TTG games have too few hotspots, but that may just be me...
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