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Monkey Island and Zelda: Wind Waker

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Anyone ever noticed that Zelda: Wind Waker (And Phantom Hourglass) has a lot of parallels with the Monkey Island series? :D Off the top of my head;

-The entire world seems to be made up of an endless ocean with various gimmicky islands, and it is populated by pirates who are never seen doing anything particularly dangerous.

-The main character (Link/Guybrush) is a clumsy blonde guy who seems to be the only one aware of how bizarre and silly everyone around him is, and picks up extremely good swordfighting skills in a very short amount of time.

-The main character has a talking boat at one point (King of Red Lions/The Dainty Lady) who turns out to be more important than they initially appear.

-The main character's female companion (Tetra/Elaine) is loved and respected by everyone, and tends to have a bit of a temper. She is also very capable of looking after herself, yet also gets kidnapped later on.

-Anachronisms everywhere; Wind Waker has cameras, Monkey Island has...well, mostly everything.

-The crewmates either disrespect the hero (Most of Tetra's pirates, Linebeck/Guybrush's crews in Secret and Curse) or idolize him (Niko/Winslow)

-The hero is repeatedly fired out of a cannon, much to his discomfort.

-The villain keeps coming back and just won't die ever, and usually when he returns it's in a new form. (Ganon/LeChuck)

-Erm...there is a character named Tetra?

-And one from Ocarina of Time instead of Wind Waker: The hero is hit on by a fishlike merperson (Ruto the Zora/Anemone the Vaycalian) and does not enjoy it at all.

I'd have to say the similarities became more obvious when Tales came out, being a 3D game with a gorgeous cartooney art style. ;)
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  • Well done, I suddenly feel compelled to play Wind Waker for the first time.
  • Wind Waker is a great game. I never thought about all these similarities, but in essence they are two completely different games. Well done indeed.
  • Yeah, I've noticed the similarities before.
    The Wind Waker is a great game too. It has a really great feel for exploration and adventure.
    Too bad it's a tad on the short side...
  • Wow. Now I really need to go and look for Wind waker, just because of all those similarities....that's actually pretty neat/funny.
  • It's a great game. Just be aware that there's quite a bit of sailing from island to island in Wind Waker (manually, not Indy-esque lines on maps). It's not a bother to me, but some people complain who are used to walking everywhere as in Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess.
    Joop;297899 said:
    Too bad it's a tad on the short side...
    Mmm.... wait wut? No it's not. If by 'short' you mean it only has 7 dungeons, one of which you go through twice... wait, no that's still sufficiently long.
  • Since Wind Waker is more of a fantasy world, than a semi-realistic world from the past, I don't think Wind Waker can be said to have anachronisms.
  • I'd never noticed those before!
  • Way when this form first begun, I remember a post in which people compared MI to just about anything. It's not that hard...
    But I guess I'll add my two bits,
    Windwaker was the first Zelda game I ever beat, and Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter one: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal was the first MI game I've ever beat.

    And both have swords.
    And Mer-people.
  • MusicallyInspired;297975 said:

    Kinda makes me want to play WW again now. Or finish Twilight Princess on my second runthrough on the Wii (my first runthrough was on the Gamecube)
    you know your Twilight Princess on the Gamecube is really rare, hold onto it
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